Chinese Trading Company

Mr Sourcing is a leading Chinese trading company located in Foshan, China, with more than 5 years experience of purchasing quality China products for customers from Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Middle East.

We have an in-depth knowledge and solid experience of international trade industry. We understand the rules and regulations about trading of importing countries. So we can help customers avoid unnecessary loss of imported products.

Better than a traditional Chinese trading company, we specialize in product sourcing and quality control. Completely on behalf of customers, we handle all the outsourcing activities to save their time to do these things by themselves.

Our company is dedicated to providing quality and professional China sourcing related services to small and medium size foreign companies, which trade with or invest in China, by a team consisting of supply chain management experts, sourcing specialists and quality assurance experts.


China Buying Agent

We are a professional China buying agent for businesses that are in need of a helping hand when importing from China for kitchen ware, bathroom products, plastic parts, machining parts and more.

We all know that dealing with Chinese suppliers is a time-consuming job, because finding a right supplier requires a good strategy to kick out the bad suppliers and identify those who are qualified to produce specific goods.

Finding suppliers is easy, but finding qualified suppliers is another story. As a experienced China buying agent, we have a transparent and efficient procedure for supplier sourcing, which includes product confirmation, factory audit, price negotiation, sample approval and order trial before final approval of a supplier.

As a buying expert for years, we have the right knowledge of products that we focus on, which is critical for product procurement and can make a big difference between a successful business transaction and a complete disaster for customers.


China Inspection Company

We are a third-party China inspection company, providing professional quality control and inspection services for various products that foreign companies are importing from China.

To guarantee good quality for customers, our inspection processes cover inspection guideline establishing, initial raw material inspection, in-process quality control, pre-shipment inspection and more. Customers will clearly know if a shipment should be delivered or not after they check out our detailed inspection report.

As a professional China inspection company, that has been grounded in China for years, we know to how to deal with Chinese manufacturers and overcome their tricks of hiding low quality products, which common inspection companies won't never know.

If you choose our company as your product inspection agent in China, you will avoid unnecessary costs and troubles with your customers because of claims about defective products.


China Export Agent

We also have been an exporting agent for many manufacturers and factories in China for years, which normally don't have a exporting license or their main sales market is China mainland.

We will handle all exporting issues on behalf of them, including product marketing, commodity inspection, shipment arrangement, etc.