China Product Sourcing

As a professional sourcing agent in China, we provide low-cost but reliable China product sourcing services for businesses that want to import products from Chinese manufacturers.

We will take care of all product sourcing processes for customers started from factory sourcing until they finally receive quality products on hands.

First of all, we will communicate with clients to know their expectations and cost ideas. Then we source direct manufacturers based on product specifications and negotiate prices, lead time and minimum order quantity with them.

Before developing and testing samples, we will qualify potential manufacturers for their product quality, manufacturing capacity and social credit and more.

After clients approve samples, production will be started immediately. We will follow up the whole order processing and conduct quality inspections. Once order is finished, We will arrange exporting and shipping.


China Inspection Service

Except China product sourcing services, we also provide third party China inspection service for companies that are importing China products.

At the beginning, we will establish detailed inspection guidelines according to customers' expectations and approved samples that they provide. The guidelines can be reviewed by customers if they want.

We will visit factories to conduct thorough pre-shipment quality inspection once our quality control inspectors have been trained for inspection guidelines and checklists.

The official inspection report will be released within one working day, which will include direct chart and summary of the inspection findings. The original inspection pictures can be provided to customers if they need.

Based on clients' needs, our China inspection service also can include initial production inspection and container loading check. Compliance test from world class labs can be arranged by our company too.


New Product Development

If our China product sourcing services can't meet customers' needs, we have the engineering ability and solid experience to develop new products according to their special requests.

The new product could be an improved and upgraded version of existing product with size changes and more functions, but also can be a completely different product with brand new design.

Detailed requirements and specifications should be provided by customers through phone call, e-mail or fax, before we start making drawings based on the ideas that we come up.

Once clients confirm our design drawings, function prototypes will be arranged immediately. If customers are satisfied with the fully function prototype after testing, we will move forward to production stage.

Finally, We will source a Chinese factory for customers to make the production run and get them a formal quote based on the final packaged product.


China Exporting Service

As a reliable China export agent, we also provide complete exporting services for Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to handle all exporting issues for them, including L/C audit, container booking, commodity inspection, export declaration, document preparation, exchange collection, cancel after verification, etc.