Product Sourcing Specialist

Same as the company name, Mr Sourcing is a reliable sourcing specialist of high quality China products, striving to be the best China sourcing company in the world.

First of all, our sales team has very good communication ability for speaking and understanding in English, which ensures the right and detailed requirements and requests can be collected from customers in limited time.

Second, our sourcing Engineers have been trained to know products at deep level. They know where to find the specific products and which factory is the right producer of those items in good quality.

That's why we can find the correct products and prepare quotation to customers in just one day for common products. Quotations will be ready less than one week even for special products.

A product sourcing specialist should save clients a lot for not just money but also time, which is what we are doing and continue trying hard to do.


Advantaged Supplier Network

The best China sourcing company should have an advantaged supplier network to support its business success, which is exactly what Mr Sourcing already owns and is proud of.

Only the correct factories can manufacture the right products in good quality and at competitive prices for customers in short time, which is half the battle.

Mr Sourcing is currently strongly supported by a network of more than 500 suppliers, located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong etc. major manufacturing provinces in China. They are highly qualified and audited regularly every year by our company.

All our suppliers conform to a range of international quality standards, such as ISO 9000 series quality approvals and ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

By developing close working relationships with these suppliers, we can offer clients the best prices, quality and service standards.


Effective Quality Control

Finding and choosing a right manufacturer is just a good beginning, only effective quality control is the base of successful China sourcing for a good China purchasing agent.

Quality is not stamped on at the end, but manufactured into every unit from the beginning. Product quality is an issue addressed at every step from the very initial design stage, through sourcing, developing, production to packaging and shipping.

Our Full Quality Control begins with sourcing the right suppliers, navigating the development and production processes correctly, and controlling the quality of product before shipment from the factory.

Our quality control system includes these steps: Adherence to industry standard specifications, Factory and Social Audit, Initial Production Check, In-line Production Monitoring, Pre-Shipment Inspection and Laboratory Testing.

We are the feet on the ground in China and the eyes in the factory for customers.


Strong Engineering Team

Different from a common trading company, we have a strong engineering team to support product sourcing, especially when customers need to develop new products that don't exist in the market, which is an important issue for a good China purchasing agent.

Mr Sourcing assists clients to carry out engineering tasks and support from the beginning of development. We match the level of engineering manpower and expertise to your needs, and depending on the project. we have the capability to provide CAD drawings, or the engineering of an entire product line.

If customers need new product development service, it must be supported by excellence and efficiency in the product developing and sourcing processes.

Engaging with key manufacturing parties early allows for parallel development and production ramp processes -- helping our clients achieve greater flexibility and speed-to-market.